Monday, December 22, 2008

Too Cold!!

So i have been behind on post so I did a few today so make sure you see them all! As you heard it has been snowing like crazy here and the kids have loved it but now they are done! haha they are just too cold! Here are some cute pics of them at my parents house after playing in the snow for hours they came in crying histirical that they were freezing!! haha poor kids so we bathed them and put them by the fire.

Brydee's Birthday!

Brydee got these little princess figurings and they fit perfectly in the castle!

Brydee got a barbie castle and i think Jay Jay was more excited , haha he loved it!

Brydee is opening her present and do you notice corben has to help her? She is a good sport and doesn't care. also do you notice that it is christmas wrapping paper? poor thing. when she gets older I will make a point to have the wraping paper "birthday" wrapping paper.

Jay Jay ran right up to the cake and blew it out! haha we had to light the candles again. Brydee didn't really care, again she is a good sport!

winter wonderland

Jeff is trying to bundle the kids up
This is a picture of my parents backyard!!

This is a picture of the front!

We were all at my parents house when it was snowing so we all came out and made a family of snowmen!!
I just can't believe this we have lived in St.George for the last 16 years?? (pretty sure) and it has NEVER snowed like this here before! school was cancelled, well school has been cancelled because of snow before like 2 other times but nothing like this! It was like a freaking blizzard! It was awesome! except for the fact that there was alot of accidents. My brother did a 360 on the road in his NICE car coming over to my parents the night we made the snowmen and on his way home he did 2 more!! the roads were so dangerous!! he didn't ruin his car though and he is fine, but scared crapless!! haha! The kids loved the snow untill they got to cold then they hated it! It has been fun having a white christmas holiday this year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting our Tree

So we went and got a tree yesterday and Jeff and the kids decorated it. They actually did a really good job. I didn't even take a picture of the finnishing product. dang me. But it sure was a lot of fun!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The last week..

These are a bunch of pictures taken in the last week. Me and Heather attempted to take pictures of all the grandkids matching. I don't think we got one good picture! haha seriously if it wasn't one kid it was another. They were pretty cute in their matching outfits. Brydee was such a big helper with william. We would only trust brydee to hold william during the pictures.
The story with Jay Jay on the tractor is.... Jay Jay loves to mow the lawn with grandma and grandpa he loves that "Tractor" (lawn mower) but it broke down and is un repairable so now its jay jays play tractor and he wouldn't get off it all day!!
We went to watch a nativity at tuacahn and Heather and Brandon were mary and joseph and baby william was baby Jesus. it was neat and the kids loved it. before it started they had santa their and so the kids went and sat on his lap. its been a fun week.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jeff and I went on Vacation to california for 10 days and we took the kids to disneyland 5 times and we also were their for thanksgiving. We ate at my sister in law Staceys and it was fantastic. She and her husband made all the food we were just in charge of dessert. pretty easy for me. well she went all out she had crafts for the kids and decorated the tables beautifully and had all these fun things for us it was so nice! She is so talented at stuff like that! Thanks Stacey it was so much fun!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

A saturday picnic at the pond

It was a beautiful day today. We took the kids to a near by pond and had a pinic. We only ate maybe 2 bites of our sandwiches and fed the rest to the ducks. There was some normal size ducks and then there were swans and geese and they were huge! They were as tall as Jay Jay! They would eat out of Jays Jays hand and he wasn't even afraid. Me on the other hand when i had a flock of those things coming at me i ran! haha thats why you saw jeff helping feed them and me far in the distance taking pictures. Some of them were mean and would get frustrated if you didn't feed them fast enough. One bit Jay Jay and he didn't even cry. All in all though it was fun!

Continuation of the other day....

I thought these were cute pictures of Brydee and her papa. My dad is cutting and trimming all the bushes so we can put up christmas lights. We are going to put them up next monday for family night! yay can you believe christmas is just around the corner?!
Me & baby william
Jeff told me i need to stop posting so many pictures of other peoples kids because people are going to get confused. haha oh well, I'd claim him.

Me and my sisters holding baby William. Heather asked me not to post this picture because she has no make-up on but she just had a baby for heaven sakes, she looks great.

So do you notice that there is a baby in the back of the truck? haha Jay Jay kept saying put the baby back their, put the baby in the back of the truck! because thats were beckham sits so i guess he just assumes the baby wants a ride too and wants to sit back there! haha kinda cute. (Someone is holding the baby though he isn't really back their just in case someone thought that) it sure did make Jay Jays day though.

Jay Jay kept yelling at papa, "look papa im killing the shark!" um.... Im not sure that is normal! :)

Seriously who gives a 2 year old a huge knife or saw or whatever it is. Jay Jay kept calling it his sword!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Playin at Grandma's

Mommy & Brydee

Jay Jay




Brydee & Corben playing in the tree

We came over to grandma and Grandpa Trasks house to play today. It was such a beautiful day that we went outside and they played in the tree and in the leeves!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The midnight hour Crazyness!

ok I went home and put my kids to bed at 7 then I came back and we were out of control the rest of the night. It was kinda fun not being a responsible parent and being a out of control sister! Atleast for a night. There was much more pictures but I know my limits. Im already going to catch some heat for posting these pictures! Ha ha its all in good fun!