Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Camp Out!

So its about that time again for another camp out. It was my dads birhtday last weekend and what better time than to have a camp out. It was freezing! Brydee and I were the only ones to come in the house in the middle of the night, evryone else made it through the whole night! (mom, dad, Brandon, Heather, Jeff, corben, & Jay Jay) Tiffany and Cameron slept in the motor home, close but not a tent so Im not giving them credit :) It was alot of fun. Here are so fun pictures.

This is a funny picture because everytime Jay Jay would get by the fire he would put his hand over his face like this and say owee my face is on fire! haha it was so stinking cute and funny. He hated sitting by the fire, or atleast too close to the fire.
Uncle Brandon is holding Brydee and Corben by the fire.
Jeff just being Jeff.

Brydee and Auntie Heather cheesin it for the camera

Dad and Jeff roasting marshmellows by the fire

Jay Jay was so funny he ate so many smores and looked so full and sick and tired!

Another picture of him with a cheek full of smores! Isn't he adorable

Brydee and Auntie Heather giving kisses!

My husband is such a thug, I swear who does he think he is?! haha good thing I love him huh?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's your sign..

If you have seen the movie 'Blue coller comedy tour', you know that saying, "here's your sign."
So me Jeff and the kids met my parents at Walmart. They also brought Corben with them. We shopped around and goofed off for a little over an hour. When we headed back out to the car to leave, the car was running!! Yes the car was running the whole time we were in Walmart. You are probably thinking what kind of idiot could get out and shut the door with out turning off the engine? well you see my dad got out and left the car running as he got Corben out of his car seat, than he shut the car door and just walked away and totally forgot to turn off the car or just thought he allready did. So i kinda understand a little bit but still i couldn't stop laughing! So to all my relatives in Cali... if that would have happened in Cali would my parents of come back to a stolen car or would it have been there? Agin I repeate, "here's your sign."