Saturday, March 26, 2011

pics & catching up

ok so I haven't posted in forever!! Today is a raining day so I thought it would be a perfect day to catch up on my blog! These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. The top 2 pictures heather edited to look nice cause you should have seen how dirty Jay Jay's face was!! haha thanks sis. The other pictures are all just the 2 girls. sorry jayge you were somewhere off playing with the boys in the dirt.. maybe in the chicken coop at the time? :)

(below) these pictures were super funny.. I was mowing the lawn (riding lawn mower) and the kids were running from me like i was chasing them and screaming and laughing. Bailee was histirical. she had to take off her shoes so she could run faster! too funny.

The last couple months have been fun and full of excitment. never a dull moment. Brydee has been doing great in school and will be graduating kindergarten in the next couple a months. Jayge is getting so big its hard to believe he wont be starting school next year cause he misses the cutt off date. He loves animals and loves playing in papa's chicken coop. haha!! Bailee is growing up. she is in nursery now and is starting to grow more hair, YEAH!!! she LOVES her brother and sister. They all play so well together. Jeff and I have been so blessed to have such good kids.
A fun thing we've done recently... We had a camp out a couple weekends ago!! It was a BLAST! We got our own tent and -30 degree sleeping bags for christmas this past year. We were in heaven when it was freezing cold in the morning, thanks to those sleeping bags! My little family had so much fun camping I told jeff we've gotta make it a tradition and go a ton!! every month baby!! haha will see.