Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poor Brydee

Last night me and my sister heather took the kids to the park. Brydee is really good at doing the monkey bars by herself but... this time she slipped off the bar and fell. she cried alot but me and heather thought she was going to be fine. We brought her home gave her some tylenol and read them some books and put them to bed. the next morning she woke up crying and not being able to move her wrist cause it hurt so bad. Jeff took her to the dr and apparently she broke something! poor thing! so she has to wear this cast for a month and is instructed to ONLY take it off when she has to bathe. the dr said if she takes it off more than that or if it continues to hurt too much than they will hard cast it. I guess they try to avoid the hard casts now so that kids can take them off for bath time and itches and so forth but if kids don't keep it on than... hard cast it is. she has to wear this for a month!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

photo shoot

It's now my header but I just had to post it, LOVE IT!

a rare moment, (all looking at the camera and ALL smiling! I am sure it will never happen again!)


Jay Jay
Jay Jay
Brydee Brydee
We went to Grandma's house today and took some pictures. Grandma is probably going to die when she sees what I chose to put on Brydee, a little scandalise but I like it! :)
and a special thanks to my sister Heather for helping me take the pictures, and for editing them! she is AMAZING!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family Night

This is a sily picture of Bailee... She is sleeping on me and her body is all twisted up!
Brydee and Jay Jay were freezing and hugging each other at an attempt to try to keep warm. So cute! (notice Bailee out cold in the back ground)
I made sandwiches and brought chips, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.. the kids grubbed!
A rare moment of Jay Jay being cute! :)
My handsome husband!
Bailee would not wake up! I tried to wake her up, I took her skirt off of her and rubbed a little water on her... nothing!
Now this is more like the Jay Jay we all know! hahaha! He is freezing though so you got to give him some slack, he is still adorable.. scowl and all.
Sweet Brydee!
We went to the washington pool for family night, well the whole week we have gone (we got a free week pass) and the kids love it. well brydee and Jay Jay do, Bailee just sleeps the whole time! we go at about 5 o'clock and stay till closing at 8:45!! we bring the kids pajamas and we shower them in the lockers and they fall asleep on the way home. They love it! They think its so cool to shower there. My mom thinks its ghetto. HA!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Beautiful Bailee with a smirk
Brydee did not wear that to church, she already changed.
Daddy and Bailee
Wide awake.
Bailee went to church for the first time last Sunday. Tiffany and Cameron happened to bless Sidney that day and it happened to be Grandma's birthday! Hope you had a good Birthday mom!