Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swimming at Grandma Drapers

Brydee is learning how to swim. She is getting so good! We are so proud of her. Thanks to Grandma Trask and Auntie Heather for help in teaching her.
Jay Jay never wants to swim he just wants to always sit on the steps and play with toys, OR run around.

Cousin Corben, Auntie heather, Brydee

Jay Jay stuffing his face like always and playing with toys.
So we went swimming over at Corbens Grandmas house but Brydee calls her Grandma Draper too.

Water Park!

I thought this picture looked cool. Its jeff enjoying the water. This is a splash pad outside. Inside is the pool and slides.
There our 2 slides. (Red & blue) Brydee will go up & down them all day! The bucket up top will fill up with water and then dump on top of you!! There is also a lazy river which was Jeffs favorite, he would do that all day if he could.

Brydee and Jay Jay went down this slide!! (not by themselves)

Jay Jay is drinking the water coming out of this. I cought brydee doing it to! I swear do I not give my kids enough drink?! haha

Last week we went to this water park almost everyday. We got a free week pass so we wanted to make sure we got our moneys worth! haha (I get it from my mom, the cheapness that is) Anyways we had so much fun we would stay there for hours! let me just tell you that the kids would sleep so goood at night!