Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year, New Goals

I have been terrible at blogging the last couple months and about taking pictures! We've been busy... For Christmas We stayed home and it was great. On the 26Th we celebrated Christmas with my family at my parents house, which was fun. We then traveled down to California on new years eve and had a party at my sister in law Jill's house. That was a blast but we left early to put the kids to bed. (well the kids were in an excuse cause honestly anyone who knows me knows I DO NOT stay up late! : ) so i missed mid-night but no big deal, I was awake long enough to eat enough junk food and to play the wii with everyone:) anyways... then Sunday we went to Jill's ward to see her baby get blessed. That night we drove out to Stacey's to stay at her house and woke up Monday morning and went to DISNEYLAND!! It was WAY fun but WAY busy, but what do you expect its Disneyland. The rest of the week we stayed at my in laws and we drove home Saturday and I had to teach Relief Society the next day!! Ya that's my new calling, I teach the 2nd Sunday of every month! Not the funnest. I feel so inadequate!! Something else not so fun is... Jason has us all RUNNING!! He gives us deadlines like we had to be able to run a mile under 8.5 min and by the 9th. now our new deadline is by the end of the week we have to run a mile and a half without stopping. I just finished running 2 miles and did it in just under 15 min (I feel like death!!!) hahaha! Its fun to see us all improving and getting in shape.