Monday, May 23, 2011

Brydee's Graduation!

Brydee had her Kindergarten graduation today!!! She was the CUTEST one there!! We came over to grandma's afterwards and auntie Heather took a ton of pictures of her. I couldn't decide which one's to post so I posted almost all of them!

Oh and I thought I would throw in this random pic of me. I am 18 weeks now!! more pictures to come.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


ok so you know how if you do a good deed or service and if you do it with a bad attitude or grudgingly than it doesn't count and you don't get the blessings? well same thing goes with dong a good deed or service and patting yourself on the back the whole time thinking your so great! hahaha dang it, oh well. so.... I came over to my parents house today like we do EVERY saturday and noticed that the grass was really long and i thought that was a little strange cause my dad AND mom are really good about ALWAYS mowing the lawn. so i thought i'll just do it real quick and bailee would love to go for a ride. (since its a riding lawn mower) I went to get it and the lawn mower wasn't in its normal spot so I looked all over the backyard for it with out any luck. I went in the house to ask heather if she knew where it was. apparently it was in the shop so thats why the lawn hadn't been mowed in a while. so I went searching for an alternative and found this old ghetto push lawn mower. I got it started and let me tell you it SUCKED! It was ridiculous! I couldn't believe how stinking hard it was to push and turn it!! I thought to myself this is going to take me FOREVER! and it did!! I thought i was going to pass out a couple a times!! I know I can be dramatic but seriously it was so freaking hot outside and so freaking hard to push I really thought i was going to die! hahaha but I'll tell ya what, my mom and dad will sure be surprised when they get home!! they went to go baby sit tiffany and camerons kids cause its there 7 year anniversary! CONGRATS guys!
So I know i haven't posted in like over a month and then i post THIS. hahaha!! I have been meaning to post a ton of pictures and give you a re cap on how its been going. its on my to do list, along with.. get caught up with laundry, do the dishes, mop my floor, finnish my YW lesson, go grocery shopping, etc., etc.!