Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Bailee

I know I am over due for a post.... But Ive been a little busy.....

Bailee Jaine Davey has joined our family!!!

Uncle Jason was trying to explain to Jay Jay that mama couldn't feel her toes. He was having him tickel them, and he thought that it was pretty funny that I couldn't feel them.

Brydee and Jay Jay were woken up in the middle of a dead sleep to go see their baby sister, They were SO tired, this is Brydee holding her baby sister for the first time.Me and Bailee right after she came out, we did the skin on skin contact for a little bit.
Me and my "girls" Bailee and Brydee.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bailee Jaine

Yeah we decided on a name.... Bailee Jaine Davey! I let Jeff put his twist on things and let him spell it the way he wanted and this is what he chose. Not too out there it could have been alot worse. I like it, it has really grown on me. I still would have spelled it Bailey but I let Jeff have his fun. As for the "name" I love it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Story time...

So I don't know how I forgot my camera on our family vacation but I did! We headed down to Mesquite on Sunday the 28th right after church and we brought the kids with us for the first few days. Brydee and Jay Jay loved the little water slide they had there! They went down it ALL DAY! (As long as Jay Jay didn't go under the water he was happy) It was so nice to get away and just have fun and relax. Although there wasn't much relaxing with Jay Jay. not until my sister came and picked them up on Wednesday, then it was heaven! (Sorry kids) Jeff's birthday was Thursday and he turned 29! That night when we were sleeping I woke up soaking wet! I know I didn't pee my pants but... I wasn't due for another 4 weeks!! so could i have really broken my water? I wasn't having any contractions and we didn't want to get up and pack everything and drive threw the gorge at 1 in the morning so we moved over into the other bed in the room and tried to go back to bed but I couldn't relax until I knew for sure the baby was fine and it wasn't my water breaking. at 7 i was up and packed and said LETS GO! so we headed back to St.George and spent the most part of our Friday in labor and delivery. They wanted to do a simple swab to see if my water broke but they couldn't cause we did the hippidy dippidy in the last 24 hours and apparently if you do, it will show a false reading so they monitored me and did an ultra sound. my amniotic fluid was low and I was having contractions steadily every 9 min. (nothing to serious though that often times happens) so we decided that nothing was too bad and so they sent us home but I am on strict orders to take it easy and if I leak anymore at all they will have to take the baby. So.. will see how long I can last.