Thursday, December 30, 2010


Merry Christmas to ME!
I got extensions... (if you couldn't tell from my previous two posts!)
and if you want amazing pictures
call my sister
Heather Stott

HAHA just a few shout outs!

Seriously I hadn't done a post in over a month and now I (I mean Heather) has done three in one day!!! hahahha WOW...

more pictures..

Heather took some pictures of me and the kids today....

Me and Bailee

Bailee Jaine
me and Jayge... He did NOT want to take a pic with his mama
me and Brydee
Me and Lucas... love his squinty little eyes.

Christmas 2010

Every year my mom does "notes" they are cleverly written poems that guide us to a room in the house to were our "big" gift is at... this is me and Jeff reading them for the kids. We look forward to these every year! This year she just did them for the grand children and all the notes were folded into paper airplanes.

Jay Jay opening a gift
Me opening our "sibling" gifts we got these from Tiffany and Cameron. I have already put them to good use! love them! thanks Tiffany.

We all went out and played football in the back yard. It was such a nice day, the sun was shining and not too cold. It was seriously warm enough to wear a short sleeve shirt! It was A LOT of fun, until the next morning when it felt like I had gotten hit by a truck! I couldn't move! I didn't realise how out of shape I really was!

After our Christmas at my parents house we all went over to my grandparents house to wish them a merry Christmas. We rode in Style in the back of the trailer caroling on our way! :)

My son the pirate!! He got it for Christmas and wore it to my parents house. He would NOT take that thing off ALLLL day! The eye patch and earring were a permanent fixture in every picture!
Too bad none of my own children like to take pictures with me! This is little Sid and me on Christmas. She loves me!
Finally a pic of me and my husband... story behind it... I told him he couldn't have the controller to watch his beloved lakers play until he took a picture with me! (too bad they lost bad!) It's too bad that is the only way I can get a picture with me and my husband!
me and Malrie.