Friday, November 19, 2010

Brydee.. school update


At the beginning of the School year Brydee started off at Bloomington Elementary, where me and some of my siblings went and also where my mom drives the school bus. After attending their for a few weeks we found out that Brydee got accepted to George Washington Academy. We struggled with the decision of what to do, do we keep her where she was or start her over at a new school? When all was said and done we decided to change schools. She is at a private school and she has to wear a uniform every day it is darling! On Wednesday Brydee had her back to school parent teacher conference. This is what the teacher had to say...

The teacher changes the kids seats about every week so they can sit by someone new. The teacher said EVERYONE fights over who gets to sit by Brydee! She went on to say that at recess EVERYONE wants to play with her! Cause she is so sweet and nice. The teacher said Brydee includes everyone and she is nice to everyone and people attract to that. As far as academics go she is doing AMAZING! She definitely gets her smarts from her Aunt Amy cause its not Me or Jeff, or the whole Trask side for that matter. hahaha! Brydee is becoming such a good little reader, She can sound out all her letters and tell you what something says! she would read all day or have someone read to her all day if I let her. She is doing great in math too, maybe the only thing is the teacher said when the math problems are side ways instead of up and down its harder for her to do. (Don't worry Brydee, same for me too and I'm 24!) But maybe other than that she is excelling and doing great!! Brydee has come such a long ways in these last couple a months especially socially. She use to be really shy at school and only fold her arms and cry every day she had to go to school but now she is blossoming into a beautiful smart little girl and Me and her dad couldn't be prouder!! Love ya Brydee!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spiders, Pirates, and Cats, OH MY...

Some of these pics were taken with my phone so they aren't the greatest quality, but oh well. We went to my parents ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. The kids were so excited for Halloween I swear they put their costumes on Friday morning and didn't take them off for two days!