Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All about BAILEE

Bailee turned 2!! Her stats are....
80% Height
15% Weight
25% in her head
who would have thought she would be this little in weight after seeing her when she was a new born. she looked like a sumo wrestler!! (or however you spell it). Today at the dr appt the dr asked if she knows how to play with other children. I said no! she is such a little bully! its so weird cause sometimes she can be so sweet. let me just explain... yesterday we were out at my parents house and bailee pushed baby Lucas down for no reason then right after she did it she tried to help him up and asked, "are you ok?" she is so twisted! im hoping she grows out of it sooon! Bailee has been wearing panties for the past month or so. she is completely house trained! no joke! as soon as we leave the house she doesn't understand that she STILL needs to go potty in the toilet. either that or she is just too busy playing to tell me she needs to go. so when we are at home she wears panties and when we leave the house the diaper goes on. i keep hoping she'll figure it out but a month has gone by and it hasn't clicked yet! will see..... here are some pictures that heather took of bailee on saturday. when you ask bailee to say cheese she looks at you and cheese's it as big as she can AND closes her eyes!! hahaha you'll see for yourself its kinda adorable. 
Photos by: Taken.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picture over load! Girls Photo Shoot

Pictures courtesy of Taken. Thanks Heather!

There aren't any pictures of Bailee by her self because I thought I would do a separate post all for her after her Dr. appt. tomorrow so I can post her stats too. So look for her post tomorrow or Thursday, she has some adorable pictures!

 love these pictures of my girls together!

 a couple of my nieces... Claire and Sidney

 Then a few of all four of them.
 love this picture, and their little hands!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

my baby is 2!

Bailee turned two years old two days ago, I can't believe it! More from her adorable photo shoot soon!