Friday, January 13, 2012

to all moms..

Have you ever heard the saying "cleanliness is next to godliness"? well if that's true me and Satan must be buddies. hahaha you have to admit that's pretty funny! but seriously i feel like i get up every morning send my kids off to school then clean ALL day while there gone then we do home work when they get home, then make and eat dinner then hang out as a family then bed time. and I'll look at my house and think what did i even clean today??? then i start over the next day with the same schedule only to find out i can never get on top of it!! AND there is no such thing as being caught up on laundry! By the time i do a load of colors then whites, greys and blacks i am starting all over again with the colors! there is always going to be laundry to do! my problem is balance! I'm either trying really hard to accomplish it all, but then I'm ignoring my kids and yelling at them for who knows what and driving myself crazy going behind them literally and cleaning up behind them or literally taking the toy out of their hand to put away just to make sure everything is clean and put away! haha or my house is in complete chaos! like i said i lack balance. i haven't quite figured it out yet. anyone else like me?  props to all you moms who got it down. you can tell by this post I'm having "one of those days." :)