Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camp out

I know I post a lot of pictures!! You have to understand though that I took about 100 pictures so narrowing it down was super hard so only picking 10 was pretty good for me :) So my dad wanted to have a camp out with all the grand kids and all the adults thought it would be fun too. We had tin foil dinners, homemade ice cream, popcorn over a fire and smores!! ya you could say we all broke the word of wisdom and all over ate! It was so much fun though. My dad had this big tent, we all started to sleep outside and slowly but surely everyone ended back up in the house because it was way too hot!! BUT my dad and Corben slept out in the tent all night. It was 98 degrees at midnight! When we were sitting around the camp fire ditto was barking like crazy and the kids went to see what all the fuss was about it and it was a frog! Jay Jay was so fascinated with it. Well over all it was a way fun night just super hot! Seriously who goes camping in the desert in July?!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This was pioneer day. My dad decorated their truck and they rode in the ward parade around the block. They had so much fun! I tried to take a picture of Jay Jay but he kept covering his face (he is such a stinker!!)

Jay Jay swimming

Jay Jay loves to go swimming. He wanted to put these goggles on because his dad was wearing goggles and chasing him around the pool and pretending to be a shark. He is so good with the kids. Doesn't Jay Jay look so much like his dad? Jay Jay will be 2 in September.

Slipin slidin

We came over to my moms house and busted out the slipin n slide and the kids loved it! I even went down ( but like im going to post that ). I took so many pictures of Jay Jay and every picture he had fruit in his mouth! That kid loves fruit. He calls all fruit that is round an apple, even if its a plum. He is a weirdo. Good thing he is so stinkin cute! And Brydee was thirsting and drinking the water that was shooting out, you can see her tongue coming out in one of the pictures. haha I don't know what kid is weirder.

BIG Dogs!!

So this night we went to go watch Heathers husband Brandon play in a baseball game and while we were there we saw these HUGE dogs! They were the nicest dogs they were just so big. They were as tall as Brydee. There heads were the biggest things ever. They were Mastis dogs or however you say and spell that breed. Oh and Brandon won his game. Good job Brandon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Brydee & Corben

ok, ok i know it has been forever but its hard for me cause i don't have the internet and i don't have a camera so every time i have to use heathers camera and computer. So im going to be posting a weeks worth of posts today...... here are some pictures of Brydee and her cousin Corben being cute and goofy with my glasses.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am now a blogger!

Well add me to the list of bloggers! I have finally set up my own account. (or rather my sister Heather has done it for me!) I will add pictures and new posts in the future, for now I am just trying to figure this all out! Look forward to seeing my amazing posts and a lot of cute pictures of my kids! :)