Saturday, April 18, 2009


This post is long over due. A little over a month ago we got snakes! YES, snakes! We were at the pet store one saturday afternoon (as we often do for fun) not intending on buying anything and Jeff and Jay Jay were looking at these snakes and a family came up to them and said if your interested in getting a snake we have 2 and we will sell you the 2 snakes and the cage for a really good deal. Jeff looked up at me to see my reaction cause he knows there is no way in HE** I would ever own a snake let a lone 2!! but the family actually lived in our ward boundaries but they must not be members cause we don't know them. anyways needless to say we went and looked at them and the kids and Jeff loved them so much I couldn't say no. Jeff was so shocked he couldn't believe that i said yes. As crazy as it sounds I'm really glad we got them cause the kids are in heaven and not a day goes by they don't hold them. you would think after a month they would be old news but no they LOVE them! especially Jay Jay!! The family we got them from are awesome and we practically got them for free!!

The long one is a girl the shorter one is a boy

Hahaha I love this picture! Jay Jay doesn't even look like himself cause he is smiling so big!!

This one got a little to cozy around Brydee's neck
(it wasn't squeezing her it just was cozy)

Jay Jay loves them! He is so not afraid!

As you can see Brydee loves them too!
They are ball snakes and super super nice! These kids have sadly abused these snakes and they will never bite them. Jay Jay will throw them around his neck or he will bring the face right up to him and let it kiss him or thats what he thinks its doing when it slithers his tongue. These snakes really are good snakes i have to say.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jay Jay and his Friend

This is Jay Jay and his friend... The cat. These last cats that we got are so nice they let the kids do whatever to them. They are so nice. Jay Jay calls him his friend. He's so cute.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Water Fun

So this believe it or not was a couple weeks ago when we had a couple days of warm weather. I was watching Tiffany's kids and thought Id let them play at my parents house in the back yard and let them enjoy the weather. It was still officially winter yeah winter, not spring or summer... needless to say we are getting a little excited for it to be summer! We turned on the hose a tiny bit and let the kids take turns wetting each other. They had a blast!

This was Jay Jay's turn. HAHA lets just say Beckham and Jay Jay don't always get a long. This is pay back for all the times Beckham picks on Jay Jay. :)
This is a 10 second video clip of Brydee's turn with the hose, They seriously loved it! This same week we actually took out the slip in slide too!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

horse back ridding fun

I love this picture, it really shows their genuine smiles, instead of their not so cute fake ones.

Brydee and Jay Jay are seriously best friends. They play together so well! they went horse back ridding the other day. They loved it! especially Brydee... like mother like daughter. while I was holding baby William, Auntie Heather taught her how to turn the horse, how to make it walk, trot, and stop. shes a natural!