Friday, November 20, 2009

funny story...

so i know i've been terrible lately about posting and taking pictures of the kids. Bailee is getting so big and all you family in Cali haven't seen pics of her in like a month you'll be shocked how big she is. anyways..... so last week Heather and I loaded up all the kids (tiffany's 3 kids, my 3 kids and heathers kid) and went to smiths (grocerie store). heather got all the older kids out of the van and had them all hold hands and walk into smiths i was tagging behind holding 2 infant car seats and 2 diaper bags! ha! some lady pulled up beside me in her truck and rolled down her window and said, "it could be worse, you could be that pregnant women up there with 5 kids"! (she was pointing to heather) i laughed and said she's with me! the lady about died laughing! it was hillarious!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Great Grandpa brought donuts.

Mallory and jeff working hard.
Cute Bailee
The gang on the roof
It was lunch time and i came up the ladder to visit and this is what i saw.. all there backs and i couldn't even fit everyone in the picture.
Great Grandpa is such a hard worker. He stayed ALL DAY!
They brought my kids on the roof and I almost died i was not happy! Brydee was nervous! JJ loved it!
Daddy and Brydee
Jay Jay just coming off the ladder. He was all smiles the whole time on the roof!

Bug a boo and Jay Jay

everyone but Bailee

We came over to Jason's on Halloween to help him with his roof. My job was to watch all the kids while everyone else was on the roof. They started at 9 in the morning but we didn't get there till 11 then we stayed till 4 so we could come home and get ready for halloween. They worked till like 7 including my great grandpa! (and I thought it was a long day!)