Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I couldn't decide which ones to post... as you can tell she was wide awake the first part of the shoot and then she finally fell asleep for a few pictures.  But she was awake forever! I couldn't believe it, just happy to be laying on her tummy naked. She did really good and I couldn't be happier.  Big thanks to my sister Heather!

Monday, October 24, 2011

labor story

The hospital called us at 2:00am to come in and get induced! I called my dad and he came over and slept here with the kids so we didn't have to wake them up and bring them somewhere. by the time we got to the hospital and they put my iv in it was exactly 3:00 am. i was naturally already dilated to a 3 and having some what regular contractions so we were all hopeful it would be a quick labor. so they started my potocin or however you spell it. and the contractions started coming on harder and stronger. after an hour of being there the Dr broke my water. I wanted to try to take the contractions as long as i possibly could cause i was dreading getting my epidural! i was so nervous to get it cause the last time i got it it hurt so freaking bad!! it didn't hurt with the first 2 but the last one did!! so i waited till i was a 6 and then asked for it cause once i hit a 6 i go stinking fast after that. when he started to give me the epidural i felt a shock and my leg and butt started to jump. hahaha i cant really explain it. so he tried again. once he put it in right i started to feel sooooo light headed and nauseous and i said i was going to pass out! well everyone that knows me knows i can be dramatic but i have proof! hahaha i seriously passed out! well i guess i did cause i woke up laying down with oxygen on me. apparently Jeff took pictures! Jeff said i was out for a few minutes! after that i was OK i was just really drugged up. i didn't like the feeling so i said to lower my epidural medicine. next thing i knew i was in the worst pain of my life yelling at them to turn my epidural medicine back up!! hahaha see i can be dramatic! anyways at 9:30 I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. I was in labor for a total of 6  1/2 hours and i only pushed 3 times, not too bad. Here are just a few pictures. my wonderful sister Heather took pictures of my beautiful baby girl when she was only 4 days old! I'll post those in the next day or so.
Brielle Hope Davey
7 lbs 10 oz
19 1/2 inches long

 I know this is absolutely disgusting!! but i thought it was and is amazing that my baby was living inside there!! isn't that amazing!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


so yesterday I went into labor and delivery for  a simple test. while i was there they monitored me. I was contracting every 3 min. they kept me for 4 hours, thinking that they would admit me but i never really went into active labor. so we both agreed just to send me home and they said they thought i'd be back by morning. well... last night i contracted ALL NIGHT! but it never went into full blown labor. the contractions sucked but they were bearable. so i was up all night watching every infomercial there was. seriously every one.. the magic bullet, the total gym, wen hair care, the shark vacumn, bare minerals, and everything else you can think of. and sence i was up all night so was jeff. at around 3 brydee woke up crying and complaing that her throat was killing her and she couldn't swollow. she had a high fever too. she threw up today and just feels awful. bailee and jj are healthy and bored as ever. i've been wanting to rest all day today, im exhausted from being up all night and cleaning up throw up and trying to entertain 2 other bored kids. im making the story sound like ive had no hepl. jeff has been helping me but between the 2 of us we are equivilent to 1 parent! ha! i have to repent and admit what i did. while i was out getting brydee's prescription i picked up a red box!! terrible huh! well hopefully the lord is understanding! :) ANYWAYS.. im scheduled to get induced anytime between tonight at midnight to any time in the moring. im just suppose to wait for them to call me. hopefully brydee starts feeling good soon cause i'd hate to leave her if she is still not feeling good. and pretty dang sure heather isn't going to watch her if she is. so all i can pray for is is that the medicine and blessing she got will help her wake up and feel like a new healthy kid. i'll keep ya posted on how it goes!!! wish us luck!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good news & bad news

so what do you want to hear first?? ok we will start with the good news..... I am poasting this blog fom my house!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha! jeff and I have been married for over 7 years and have managed to get by with out having the internet all this time, but EVERYTHING is electronic at Brydee's school and i was never aware of what was going on. so.... we went to walmart bought the cheapest lap top they had and we get free wi fi from our house thanks to our wonderful amazing neighbor who gave us their pass word so we could have the internet! so no more excuses for not blogging now right?! :)  now for the bad news... im still pregnant! ha! im so over being pregnant! I know that sounds so bad! im not being a baby, i have had 3 kids and im use to it right? wrong! this pregnancy has been so much crappier! haha seriously my body is falling apart. i am 25 years old and i feel like im 85! i debated taking a picture of my leg and posting it but i knew my family would die. whenever i show my family my leg there response is something like, oh my gosh i just threw up in my mouth! or, don't ever show anyone else that!! haha its terrible to say the least. its black and blue and swollen. and my back gives out on me all the time too. im in pain all the time and i still throw up everyday. by the end of the night im a wreck looking. but im almost done! there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I honestly cant wait to see this baby girl! i wonder if she'll look like brydee or bailee? and we still don't have a name yet!! i know can you believe that?! my dr appt is wednesday and they are going to strip my membrains and they said if i haven't had the baby by 39 weeks they'll induce me if i want. so that would mean 6 more days? i could do that! hopefully wednesday's dr appt will do some damage and i won't have to be. I'll keep ya'll posted.