Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brielle 4 Months

Brielle Hope
My baby turned 4 months!!
She is getting so big already! she is loosing all her hair :( she use to have so much dark hair but its falling out and its lightening up. so sad. but on the up side she is the happiest baby ever!! She will smile and laugh out loud at anyone who will talk to her. She's the best baby. I am the worst, I haven't taken any video of her ever and I haven't taken any pictures of her since her newborns!! Im so mad at myself! Everyday that goes by is just another day i keep missing!

Here are her 4 month stats
23% Height
55% Weight
25% Head

I was at my sister Heathers house on Tuesday and she was doing a photo shoot for Titan. While Mallory was getting Titan Dressed I threw Brielle in front of the Camera and heather took like 6 quick pictures. She was just wearing a onesie nothing special. Its all i got but she's still adorable.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


so you know those crazy die hard women who make homemade bread and never buy store bought bread and grind there own wheat?? well im privileged to say i've joined the club!! hahaha its a little crazy i know. my new years goal was to change the way we eat in my house. i want to eat a lot healthier! i strongly believe that by eating healthier and/or eating a certain diet could really improve your health. and we all know jeff needs all the help he can get. for christmas my parents gave us a juicer and a wheat grinder. so i've been juicing and making wheat bread. today we were eating sandwiches and my kids kept saying this is the best bread ever! i told them i made it and Brydee said.. i can tell it has so much flavor!! i thought that was interesting. but really i have to say it did taste really good. i don't think i'll use white flour ever again. and seriously i need to take and post some pictures of my kids!! Brielle is going to be 4 months next week! dang time goes by way too fast!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So i don't know about you but i grew up with a good home cooked meal every night. and it usually could never be duplicated cause my mom hardly ever used recipes and when she did use a recipe she never followed it. for the first few years of marriage i stuck with the same 7 recipes and just rotated them! ha! but now im loving cooking and having fun in the kitchen. i notice im starting to cook like my mom. i'll read a recipe and then alter it (like i could make it better or something? :) its mainly because i gotta work with what i have :)  but anyways... so 2 nights ago i marinated and slowed cooked ribs for 7 hours! we never ever have ribs but i've ben wanting to make some really good ribs and they were on sale and such a good deal i couldn't pass it up. but i wish i would have! they turned out awful! and it wasn't because of me! it was terrible quality of meat! it was all fat and plastic tasting! i usually always get my meat at costco and i should know better to buy ribs at walmart but i just can't pass up walmarts prices.... but there is a reason there at that price right? so after that complete failure we took the ribs to roxy and she loved them! (my sisters boxer dog :) so last night i made some speghetti! even while im writing this im laughing. i feel like speghetti is no better then having cereal or chicken nugggets for dinner, not nutrition wise but easy cheap wise. BUT dang it was so good!! some good old fashion speghetti with some sausage meatballs and some homemade garlic bread!! dang it hit the spot! how funny that i tried so hard on my ribs and they were crap and then the next night made some speghetti and it was divine! hahaha gotta love it.