Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching Chickens and Mice

Let me just say as soon as my mom reads this she is going to kill me. She warned me not to do a post of this. At least I didn't post pictures with it! ha ha
so..... my dad was moving the chicken coop to the other end of the coral. In the process of moving it the chickens were out running into the tamaracks ( tamaracks are those annoying trees and bushes that grow like crazy out here by the river! ) There was nothing we could do until we moved there coop and put it back together. My dad started moving the coop and mice started running out from under it when they moved it! Cameron and my dad got shovels and were hitting the mice and killing them. They were everywhere! It was so disgusting! once the chicken coop was moved there was a big pile of nasty, poopy, dirt. My dad started digging up and messing around with the dirt because mice were hiding in the nasty poopy dirt! They had built tunnels through this stuff and living in there. Cameron and my dad were digging up the dirt and the mice were running in all different directions out from under it all. After they had moved all the dirt and there was no more mice running or hiding, the grand total of mice killed was 45!! Let me remind you that this is way out back by the horses and I have never seen a mouse in my parents house. ( feel better now mom? ) The kids are loving every minute of this excitement. Corben was even picking the dead ones up by there tails and putting them in a pile! ha ha the kid has issues! OK now that the mice are all killed and the coop is in its new spot we have to go catch the chickens. They were in places we couldn't get to because of how thick the brush was so we sent the kids in it to scare them out. Now imagine 3 kids that are 2 and 3 yrs old on there bellies in this stuff, army crawling to get to the chickens. These kids were amazing! long story short we caught all the chickens it just took us an hour! All in all it was disgusting and actually fun ha ha!! ONLY BECAUSE the kids faces and the fun that they had was priceless! Now if you are not disgusted by this post YOU have issues :)


So I haven't done a post in FOREVER because my camera broke! Ya after only 2 weeks! I figured I should at least write whats been going on even if there is no pictures.... Brydee gave her first talk in primary and did a fantastic job, thanks to her dad. Brydee also has her first primary program next week and she has had her part memorized for weeks ( she is such a good kid ). Jay Jay had his 2nd birthday a few days ago and got tons of dinosaurs, dragons, a ukulele (which is what he has been really wanting) and tons of other things. That kid is so spoiled! Poor Brydee was like don't I get anything? We kept telling her your birthday is only a few months away and since she is the only grand daughter on my side of the family she is bound to get spoiled! ( tough life huh? )