Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby William

The kids love baby William, they are so sweet with him. They always help out and play with him. It is good practice for when a baby comes to our family!This is Brydee "reading" to William, haha.. it is actually a photo album of me and jeffs wedding pictures. I guess it doesn't matter what it is he seems to like it just fine.

Jay Jay being Jay Jay... he is so silly sometimes... he loves Will and tells everyone all the time... "I love baby will"

Me and baby will... He is SO cute, I love this little guy so much, he is such a good baby and so sweet to hold! Last night we babysat him while they went out to dinner and jeff held him the whole time he would not share! but of coarse my camera was dead and i have no pictures! (baby william is my sister Heathers baby)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Play Day!

Jay Jay just got done going down the slide and he is like "look what I just did!"


Jeff is at the top of the slide carrying and helping a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old! as you can see he is holding up the line

hahaha I love this picture. Beckham is 1 and going down all by himself! He loved it!

Jeff going down with Jay Jay

Brydee climbing up one of the obstical courses
Jeff and I took the kids one saturday to jumpin jacks. Its a place with tons of bounce houses and slides for little kids! The kids had a blast! We definetly need to go back again! Oh and i walked up one of those slides to take beckham down and I almost had a heart attack!! wow am i out of shape, it was not easy!