Thursday, May 31, 2012

memorial day weekend

haven't blogged in forever! we have been busy having fun! kids are all growing up so fast, too fast! gotta savor every moment with them!
 here is a ton of pictures of what we've been up to...

uncle dean threw jj in the pool. these pictures don't quit do it justice!! HE WAS SOOOO HIGH!!!! weird thing was is that jj loved it!! they did it over and over!

Jay Jay and William posing for the camera!

buddies. brydee and chloe

 Brielle loves the pool!! and check out bay bay in her goggles!

 my new sweet little niece, evalyn. she is sporting her brothers glasses.
My brother in law Brandon, with his son lucas... there both showing off their muscles and being goof balls!!

haha I think it's so funny that the palm tree was placed so perfectly behind him to look like hair.
--Titan and Bugaboo--
 taking a break and bbq'n before we went out for round two of swimming!!

 Brydee and mommy! love Brydee's cheese with attitude.

 oh bailee... i just love you

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brielle 6 Months


wow is my baby already 6 months!!!
Brielle Hope is the best baby ever!! Just ask any of my sisters! She never stops smiling! she is happy all the time!! She is growing big. Every one says... wow she is so ... healthy! haha which is them trying to say nicely... wow she is so fat! haha! i love it! The funny thing is, dispite the fact she looks fat and chunky, she is light!! she is like a marshmellow and not like a rock.
HEAD: 40%
*** My sister Heather took some really adorable pictures of Brielle. A big thanks to her!! These 2 pictures were the only ones I had. I know she has tons more. When she gets around to giving them to me I'll post them. Heather has been a little busy with her little tiny baby girl***