Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Family night

This picture cracks me up, Jay Jay is looking Right at his dad! not the camera big surprise there! haha
I love how well these two play together, they are best friends and are so good to each other, I hope it is always like that!
Best Buddies!

We went to the park last night for family home evening, the kids were running and playing games and I was snapping some pictures of my adorable family!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunny St. George

The last few days in St. George we have been enjoying some warmer weather There fore we have been out side at a park every day! These are the last two days...
Brydee and William
Brydee and Jay Jay
Our "village" we made in the sand.
This is Bailee's new smile!
She wont stop doing it! she is constantly making this face or something that looks like it! ALSO she growls ALL the time! It's her new thing! The noise that she makes does NOT sound like it could come from her! It cracks people up all the time. She is too funny.